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09 September 2005

Church websites - What do you look for in a good church website? A friend and his friend are doing a survey of all the RPCNA websites, offering suggestions, etc. All this keeps me thinking about our church's website and what ought to be done to keep it helpful and attractive.

so...some more website questions (input is welcome):
How much is too much - especially on a church's website?
Who is the intended audience(s) of our website? How does that change/impact content & style?
How much should we aim to communicate about the church on the site?
If we podcast our sermons off the website, would you use it?


Now for the Friday funnies:

Is it time for a snackpack? (turn volume down first and don't stay too long - it'll make for a headache)
Because origami is cooler than, um, that other thing that's cool.
Seriously, it's as cool as cold stuff, and other bad analogies.

That is all; have a blessed Sabbath rest!


ellyn olivetti said...

We are currently revamping our PCA church website. We are really targeting both non-members and members. For non-members, we have a pretty full description of our services and ministries. Also for non-Christians, we have a simple explanation of what it means to become a Christian, with Scripture proofs.

We also have a members only link that gets you to the church directory, prayer requests and other more private types of information that you might not want the general public to access.

I'd be very interested in the results of your survey. We've been working hard on our site now for about six months (the one we currently have we are unhappy with, so the new one will be completely different.) Providentially, we have a writer and a graphic designer in our congregation, so much of the cost of creating a new website has been eliminated.

We also hope to have MP3s of our pastor's sermons which we have not had to date. If you have any advice for us on that score, it would also be appreciated.

I'd be interested in others' feedback about what makes a good church website.

sturmtrooper said...

Bless you Jared. Those analogies are like a funny thing which, when I read it, makes me laugh.

Sir Ryan said...

when you say "podcast" do you mean you'd actually set yourselves up with iTunes? that would be sweet. it's free on both ends, as far as i know.

do it, do it, do it, do it, do it!