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03 July 2008

100 push-ups project

100 push-ups is a popular strength-training program that seems quite simple to do.

I linked to it last week and asked if anyone wanted to have a go with me. Check it out if you haven't - the idea is that everyone will be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups at the end of the program, regardless of where they start.

Anyhows, it seems a couple folks are interested, so here's the plan: if you want to do the program together (well, as together as we can be over the internet), take the
initial test sometime today or tomorrow and reply to this post with your initial level (I'll put a comment with my level later today - we're all friends, so there's no shame here). Then I'll post my progress once a week and have everyone participating use the comment section to post their progress as well.

The more folks participate, the more fun we'll have!


Josh said...

level 5
I was hoping for a lot higher level 5 than I scored, but I guess that is what the program is for. Thanks for organizing it!

Daniel said...

Okay, yer on. Level 3.

steve said...

I just finished Week 3 tonight:

I'm also the person responsible for putting the site online. Let me if you'd like to be added to the "take the challenge" page:


Jared said...

All right, I'm level 3. I too was hoping for higher, but I'm sure it's best to start in the right place.

So let's plan on posting our progress each Friday or Saturday here on the blog (I may be gone a week for vacation in a couple weeks, but I'll try to keep up.)

BamFam said...

level 5


Ryan said...

I just realized that this challenge was made back in March or April, so I'm not sure if the challenge is still out there. If it is I'm up for it and I'm at level 3.

robert h said...

level 4

Ryan said...

Ha! I just realized I was reading the dates wrong. Nevermind my last comment. I'm still at level 3.

Brad said...

Level 4, barely. 32 pushups. I wussed out at the end.

Alicia said...

I'm late starting, but I'm doing the challenge with alternate (ie GIRLY) pushups. I'm at level 3. Don't even ask what level I'd be at if I did standard

Have a great time in paradise!

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