My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

18 July 2008

pushups and other

(for my push-up buddies) I wasn't able to start the push-ups until Wednesday...let me assure you that doing them three days in a row is killer. I've only been able to max a little above the minimum.

Someone asked if we could get together at the RP international conference -- alas (for you, not me) I will be in Hawaii tomorrow evening, Lord willing. This providential trip to Hawaii has cancelled our attendance at the conference. But we'll be praying for God's blessing on you who are going!


BamFam said...

Hawaii is practically next door! you should make a trip down to geelong.

Brad said...

I am doing week 2 over again, as I missed the third day of it the first time through and was feeling pretty weak anyway. This week is going better. Got a new workout max, though it's still less than the initial test.

BamFam said...

Week 2: scheduled amount for levels 1-4 then 55, 50 and 61 for the level 5-max.

Exhaustion test last Sat: 75 (3 less than my initial test but only 24 hr rest compared to 72 hr for intial test)

Week 3: scheduled amount for levels 1-4 then 41, 52 and 50 for level 5-max

Josh said...

week 3:
kinda crazy didn't have schedule readily available so day 1: 20x4 27 max
day 2:missed for good reasons

day 3:schedule and 50 max

exhaustion test was kinda bad last week, 57 instead of 64 on initial, but I think this weeks day 3 shows that it was all about continuous muscle wear.

going on to week 4 but I might have to that one over if missing day 2 proves to have too much of a negative effect.

Brad said...

The third week is a lot harder. I couldn't match the planned regimen. I might do this week twice.