My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

31 August 2005


Today it would be nice to have some reception on tv, because I still can't find a way to identify or sympathize with those in Louisiana and Mississippi living the hurricane's aftermath; maybe tv would help. I have seen some amazing pictures on the internet - rooftop rescues, people wading through water, waves in downtown New Orleans - but they still feel distant. I have never endured something that devastating and catastrophic; the thought of not returning home for months is simply amazing.

I pray that the body of Christ will become a refuge and a strength to others. In my study in Proverbs 14 this week, it's becoming clear that God has an attitude that He would like for all of us to adopt toward the poor and needy. We are to love them because they were made by Him. We do God honor and true service when we are generous to the needy. (Pro. 14:31) We should pray for lives to be saved, both physical lives here in the Shadowlands and eternal lives from the Book of the Lamb.

I also pray that the leaders of the church will speak with power, love, and truth. It is sad to hear so many on the radio say, "We were lucky." There's a big - and life-changing - difference between "lucky" and "spared." Why is it that people don't get it, they don't see that their time has been extended here for just a few more moments, moments that could be used to find mercy? Perhaps because the church is too frightened to say that "Our God is a terrible and awesome God." After the tsunami in southeast Asia, I recall hearing several pastors refusing to credit any of it to God. That's all nice and well-meant, but if God did not do these things, then why can He be trusted to do anything else powerful and amazing (like save a soul)?

Let us be reminded, then: God is God and we aren't. God is not tame and often does not fit into our ideas of what He should be. He is our refuge, not our treehouse; He is our Savior, not a handy deity. May God be glorified through the salvation of souls today and through the love of Christ poured out of the church!

P.s. - I've now seen some video footage over the internet. Crews pulling whole families out of homes, dead and decaying; the superdome has become a living hell; 1/3 of Mississippi has no power or water. Has anything like this ever happened here before? Have we ever known such destruction?

May the church shine with the brightest light of love and help and hope in Jesus our Rock. Lord have mercy.


Ellen Olivetti said...


I read with interest your commments on the hurricane and how people are loathe to attribute it to the hand of God. I have had people tell me that a loving God would have stopped this. It is sobering to stop and think about the awesome power of God who COULD have quieted the storm with the power of His Word.

But, He did not. And, like so many other "bad" things that happen, we must bow to the fact that our God is, at the same time, the abba father who comforts us in our trials, leads us gently and loves us with a tender and patient love and He is also the mighty, terrible, awesome and all-powerful one.

May He use this disaster to bring people to their knees and see their need for Christ. And may the church respond with an outpouring of love towards that end.

Zachary Peachy said...

I sympathize as well. Alicia and I have been getting most of our news from the Internet since we don't have cable and any channels that even come in real well.

We have been praying daily for the victims of this tragedy.

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