My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

27 May 2005

I'm Back

Got back late last night from the Banner of Truth conference; it was outstanding. I hope to post some of my notes and reflections from the sermons soon. But, because I need to prepare for Sunday, here's a list of some great books I picked up, with deep discounts (!).

1. The Life of John Brown (mostly written by his son)
2. Pentecost Today, by Iain Murray
3. The Christian Ministry, by Charles Bridges
4. John G. Paton, autobiography
5. The Imperative of Preaching, John Carrick
6. Fair Sunshine, Jock Purves (stories of the covenanters)
7. The Christian Life: a Doctrinal Introduction, by Sinclair Ferguson (Ferguson gave a group of us a guided tour around the book room at the conference - highly entertaining and informative)
8. Princeton and Preaching, James Garretson
9. The Puritan Papers vol. 5, ed. J.I. Packer
10. Overcoming the World, Joel Beeke
11. Sketches from Church History, S.M. Houghton

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James I. Faris said...

Jared, Good to have you back. I'm amazed that you were able to read through that last list of book pick-ups so quickly:-) As for the deep discounts, remember - 40% off is still 60% on. Just some words of wisdom from another generally unrestrained book buyer. Wish I could have gone. Will look forward to the notes from the conference.