My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

24 April 2005

Random hello's from the Lord's Day

We had a great time this weekend in Michigan at my brother's wedding. What a great answer to prayer! Literally, I couldn't be happier for he has joy & Joy. Cause, like, that's her name. Note I didn't say we had a great time getting to Michigan. Travel was not fun. But definitely worth it.

I'm looking at this Books and Culture magazine from the Christianity Today people, trying to decide if I'm going to subscribe or not. It has some great articles, but also seems to lean toward the emerging church, cool enough to not be a Republican, postmodernism-is-the-way-to-do-church type of philosophy. But I've been longing for some better reading on literature & movies. So I think I'll keep it. Any naysayers?

Tonight I'm preaching on Proverbs, but this time I'm going to back up and give an apologetic for striving to find Christ in the midst of Proverbs. It really isn't that hard to do, if Christ is the wisdom of God. But it occurs to me that we could incur serious spiritual damage, especially on our children, if we use Proverbs to propel us down the road to modern Pharisaism. "Look ma, more rules!"


Micah said...

Yo. I think you should do the Books & Culture thing, and then let me read them second hand! Happy Sabbath.

Josh said...

Hey you have a double http:// on your new links so they don't work.

Jared said...

Josh, it worked for me.

Jeff K. said...


I don't care if you get the new mag. or not. However, you might want to try going to and scroll down till you find Godawa's Movie Blog and click on it and read. This guy is in the movie business, is reformed and writes for the Chalcedon Report.

Read long enough and you might become a theonomist :)


Jared said...

Looks pretty good, Jeff. btw, it's for everyone looking. I'm always looking for good Christian insight on movies. I hear so much justified as "art" or "engaging culture", that I worry how much we are letting into our heads...there's gotta be a wise balance around here somewhere.