My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

18 October 2006

Who knew the Republicans were so powerful?

This article from Cleveland, Ohio, has quite the new take on the Iraq war. Apparently, there's a traveling preacher (K. A. Paul) calling America to vote the Republicans out of office, because their determination in Iraq has prevented the second coming of Jesus. This because our government's war has prevented missionaries from working in Iraq, Iran and Syria. (He gets to travel on "Global Peace One", his refurbished Boeing I travelling preacher because I travel in my rebuilt Chevy Malibu?)

After a long sigh, a few things should be noted. (Have you had your sigh yet?) First, governments and parties may have a certain level of strength, but nobody's that strong. No one, no party, no power can stop, hinder, or delay the second coming of Christ. Just as sovereign as Christ was in our salvation, so God is sovereign over the return of our Lord.

Second, regardless of your position on the war - by the way, remind me to tell you sometime why I'm not a conservative - Christians must understand that Christ is King over nations as well as over the church. While He certainly can work around governments to achieve His purposes, He just as often works through them. Engaging in histrionics about what we need to do politically in order for Christ to achieve His spiritual goals is bad Christology and bad faith. (As an aside, there is comfort in this doctrine - as much as governments try to separate the church and state, they cannot separate the One who reigns powerfully over both.)

Finally, perhaps this is a good reason to do a spiritual, Biblical check-up on our eschatology. Not that they would, but if folks asked what you, as an evangelical Christian (Batman's newest foe!) thought about the end of this world, what would you say?

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Tamara said...

It is funny that you address this now. I chose two topics in the IHOP internship. One- Community and Care. Two- The End Times. I am studying the end times now. I have tons of papers on the concepts of the church.