My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

10 October 2006

The goings-on

The washing machine of life is now reset to the "normal" cycle - just don't ask my lovely wife, who is now adjusting to three little ones at home. So here's a rinse-cycle update:

Some grad students and I had a great time meeting over lunch today. We're praying for and planning a new ministry to grad students and faculty/staff of Purdue Univeristy. For now, you can browse the inner mind-workings of this fun group at the new blog, purduegatory. Already the group seems to have a good focus on seeing how the Lordship and Kingship of Christ impacts their academic studies. Watch out, Purdue...the CORGS are coming (collegiate organization of reformed grad students. ? ? Maybe we'll keep working on the name).
We're beginning our small group tomorrow night. I'm going to be leading a series of studies based on the Nicene Creed. What do you think about creeds? Yea/nay? Like/dislike? I grew up reciting the creed in an OPC church; I'm not quite sold on reciting it in worship, but I do miss it and am glad for how God has used it in the church's history. Maybe we'll start using it in family worship.
Church planting - God met with us and blessed us Sunday night during our third worship service together. The sermon wasn't recorded, but you'll do fine if you read Colossians 1 about 30 times. ...And did I mention that we have our website?!! If you have time, check out - I would greatly love to hear comments and suggestions: What makes a great church website? Don't slam our design too hard yet - for now it's just a template. Our uber-designer will be at working making it distinctly ours.
Sigh. I must confess that I am somewhat bummed. I am reading a book I was hoping to review for you, a book on one of the most exciting theological topics possible, covenant theology. Alas, though the information in the book is orthodox and stable, it is one of the most poorly written pieces of theology I've read. This fellow writes like Yoda speaks. Seriously I speaking am. Rather than write a whole review and bash a nice, reformed author, I'd rather just make a plea to the Christian writers and publishers: What's the point in having the right theology with the wrong words? Christ is honored, not simply when we put forth truth, but when we put forth truth well. Please don't dishonor Christ (and frustrate me) with beautiful truth dressed in literary rags.


Tamara said...

This isn't in touch with what you wrote. Although Lisa has been on my heart. I know that children are a delight! But, I can imagine she is quite busy right now. Let her know that I love her and think of her often.

But I was wondering if you had heard of One Night with the King. Book or Movie. I would love a reveiw on that one. If you don't desire to read it or watch it then you are under no obligation. But, I got the CD of the book and though it wasn't a breakthrough in fiction it was moving.

Mark Loughridge said...

What was the book on covenant theology - just so the rest of us can avoid it. Also, although it's hard to do, I would write the review and name and shame(!) - Ithere are too many books being written that should never see teh light of day.

Jared said...

Mark - the book was O. Palmer Robertson's book Christ of the Covenants. Theologically, it's sound (and I've heard that others have liked it), but it's so poorly written. I'm really having a hard time finishing it.