My heart became hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: "O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am!"

06 July 2006

I like this npr song of the day, "The Day the Volume Won" by Micah P. Hinson.


Last night we had a great summer party, including some ultimate frisbee. I, however, took a frisbee square in the forehead at about 120 mph and now I've got a new bruise on my face. This is getting ridiculous.


Saw this article about biodiesel in the local paper. My question: why isn't this more popular? Why isn't there a big push for us all to switch to driving diesels so we can use this renewable, homegrown fuel? (I couldn't find an answer on


To redeem myself from my former failings to slay the groundhog trapped in my window well, I did our church lawn a service on July 4th and slew the beast. Or at least the baby of the beast. And I did it with my car (no mess on my boots). All hail the victorious hunter.


I'm working through Jeffrey Meyer's book, The Lord's Service, about worship. It's quite challenging and I'm finding it difficult to agree with him 100%, but there are some real gems in this book. Here's a quote from his section on why we ought to call it "the Lord's service" instead of simply "worship" (which carries the idea that we are giving to God His proper worth):

If our service is primarily for God, then our worship inevitably degenerates into Pelagianism with a thin Calvinistic veneer. To combat this problem we must understand the proper order of things. First, we receive from God. Then, secondly, we give back to Him with gratitude precisely that which He graciously continues to give us. Everything we are and have we received from Him (1 Cor. 4:7). He stands in no need of our service or praise. He has not created us primarily to get glory for Himself, but to distrubute and share teh fullness of His glory with His creatures. He is not like the pagan gods who need to suck up as much glory and praise as they can.


quaintlittlehead said...

You need to post a more detailed description of how you killed that groundhog if you want me to write an immortal song about you doing it.

Alicia said...

I like the song you posted. I listed to it a couple times.

Jeff Kessler said...

Re. the groundhog:

Not as cool as shooting it, but a considerable improvement over the window debacle.

Jeff K

Craig said...

Speaking of songs, I recall when you yourself rocked out full and hardy. In fact, I know where there's a picture of such cutting loose, like here!

Good to see you online, brother. Let's connect some time and catch up.

Aaron said...

I agree that shooting the groundhog would have been much more enjoyable. And according to the game warden: Groundhogs are pests and can be shot at any time by any means.

I have one warning from my family's experience in shooting groundhogs. Groundhogs are lazy. If you shoot one, another will soon find and occupy the empty hole. Hey, wouldn't you take a free home, rather than build one yourself?

Mary Jayne said...

Don't kill the groundhog! How sad!
Let him live or is he with the Lord now?

Jared said...

Yeah, I believe the groundhog is dead. But good riddance, really. They're horrible for the church yard and really are the definition of "pest."

Plus, as soon as you kill one, there's always another one to replace it, chomping on the grass in their self-important manner.